If you are new to CBD, how long does it take CBD to work, may be the biggest question you have. More research and studies are being conducted to know more about CBD. However still there are lot many things to know about CBD.  You might have heard about this magic potion doing wonders for various ailments including pain, anxiety, sleep, heart condition etc.,

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There is no a standard size that fits for all. CBD doses differ depending on many factors like, quality of CBD, the way you consume it, the amount of CBD you take, your health condition, age and so on. Here is everything you need to know while buying your CBD product and the ways to consume for having better effect.

Method of Consumption

How you consume plays an important role in how long it takes to act. CBD is available is many forms and each differ in their performance.


Oral ingestion is a common practice for consuming CBD. It is the easy and convenient method suitable for everyone. However, when you consume orally, CBD goes directly into the digestive system and metabolized by the liver where the concentration of CBD is reduced by enzymes in the liver before it is sent to the bloodstream.

Oral ingestion takes two to three hours for CBD to take effect. At the same time, you will get long-term therapeutic effects from CBD


When you take CBD in this method, you will place the required drops under your tongue and hold it there for thirty seconds to ninety seconds before swallowing. In this method, CBD is absorbed by the mucous membranes and enters the bloodstream quickly by avoiding digestion and metabolism process.


CBD inhalation is an effective method of administering CBD. When you inhale, CBD directly goes to the lungs and gets into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body immediately. You can feel the effects immediately after consuming. This method is best suited for anyone who seeks immediate relief from acute pain.


CBD topicals are directly applied on the skin surface. It is absorbed by the localized cells and interacts with the receptors there. Since skin absorbs lesser amount of CBD, you will need to apply liberally. It will take some ninety minutes to see the result under this method. Usually topicals are suitable for chronic pain and inflammation on target area.


How much you consume is also an important factor for CBD to have some effect. If you take small doses than you need, it may not work. Stick with lower dosage when you begin to take CBD and increase gradually if you don’t the desired result. With some trial and error, it will be easy to find the correct dosage.

Choose the best method that suits you and find the optimal dosage to get the full benefits of CBD.